Should I use AMD Brazos to Save Power?

Electricity bills are increasing all the time.
"SINGAPORE: SP Services said households will pay more for their electricity from April, with their electricity tariff increasing by 6.1 per cent to 25.58 cents per kilowatt-hour."

If you are using a mid range PC to torrent or surf web most of the time and you think that it is a waste of electricity, read on.

AMD Fusion

If AMD Zacate/Brazos came across your mind and you wonder if you should buy 1 for torrent and web surfing to reduce electrical bills, calculations below will tell you not to.

The idle consumption of a normal desktop PC would be around 125W.
Monitors, speakers and other self powered devices are not accounted for.

AMD Brazos setup
MSI E350IA-E45 AMD E-350 Zacate Dual-Core Mini-ITX Motherboard200
Case + PSU155
Patriot DDR3 1333MHz 4GB single piece55
Crucial 64GB SSD SATA2 2.5"195

This adds up to a total of S$605!
The case is required as it comes with a small adaptor PSU. This PSU is usually 60~150W.
It was proven to be more power efficient than 80+ certified ATX PSUs because PSUs are usually more efficient at 50% of their rated wattage and this system will only use 10% of it.
The average consumption of this system would be 25W. When using ATX 80+ PSUs, it drains an average of 45W. 80+ does not calculate usage under 20%.

(125W - 25W) / 1000 * 12hrs * 365days * $0.2558 * 1.07GST = $119.88~ per year
$605 / $119.88 = 5.04 years

It takes about 5 years to pay back the investments if you use it 12 hours a day.
Not worth it!
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